Modern Tennis techniques

Brice Chevalier, director of the Santa Cruz High-Performance Tennis Academy, is a firm believer in using the most modern techniques for tennis instruction. There was nothing wrong with many of the old ways of teaching tennis, but over the years, with advancements in racket technology and in the increased athleticism of competitive players, there was a need for a new methodology.

Brice is certified with the Modern Tennis Methodology Coaching Association (MTMCA) and professional tester highest certification alowing to acess other professional instructors . MTMCA  certifies coaches all over the world. The techniques that are part of this movement are the same ones now used by coaches of some of the best players in the world. The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) now offers certification points to those coaches trained in modern tennis methodology and more and more of the top men’s and women’s players are using the techniques.

What Brice teaches players at the Academy

Using the Modern Tennis techniques, Brice deconstructs a player’s stroke and then uses different tips — depending on the player’s individual circumstance — to suggest improvements. Brice knows that each player is different, so he finds the appropriate teaching tool that works for each player.

With Brice, tennis players will:

  • Improve timing immediately
  • Learn to brush the ball
  • Get a better and longer feel of the ball
  • Become more consistent and accurate
  • Improve footwork and recovery
  • Master topspin on the serve
  • Hit volleys with ease

To see the techniques in action, sign up for a lesson from Brice. Within a few minutes, he will introduce a small change to your stroke. Then as you work on that small change, he will introduce another, and another — once you have mastered each change. Most players see improvement immediately.

Here’s what an Aptos 4.5 player says about Brice’s techniques:

“Brice’s teaching techniques are truly remarkable. After my son’s lesson, he said he would give me a quick 10-minute lesson. After 5 minutes, I had made changes in my preparation, swing, and follow-through that improved my stroke — and it all felt natural. I was hooked — I now take a lesson once a week. His ability to break down my stroke to its core elements and then make suggestions for improvement has helped me hit with more velocity and consistency.”

Get immediate feedback with on-court, video analysis

With the advance of digital photography and mobile software, Brice is able to provide immediate, on-court video analysis of a player’s strokes. To clearly communicate his instructions, Brice will shoot a quick video of a player’s movements, replay that video to the player (often freezing views, frame by frame), and mark on the screen how the player can improve. This all happens right on the court — no time-consuming sessions in front of a computer.

Academy players also train in front of a mirror for direct feedback on stroke technique and motion. And they view clips of top professional players to assist in stroke visualization.

Brice’s philosophy on
teaching tennis

  • Tennis instruction should be simplified.
  • Tennis is best played using natural, efficient mechanics aligned with nature, feel, and instinct.
  • Tennis is a vehicle for something far greater, providing a sense of community between any two people no matter how different.
  • Tennis provides self-achievement, great exercise, and the pure joy of seeing our youngsters learn important values through sportsmanship.