Tennis programs at the Academy

The Santa Cruz High-Performance Tennis Academy provides long-term, individualized programs to develop a player’s overall game, with the goal of success at the college level. Individualized programs involve tennis instruction in Modern Tennis techniques along with goal-setting,, tournament preparation, conditioning, and nutrition.

Besides conducting the Academy clinics and lessons, Brice Chevalier also works with players in setting up appropriate practice matches — often with Cabrillo College players. Brice will also advise players and parents on participating in local tournaments and establishing competitive goals for each player. With numerous tournaments held locally, players have the opportunity for Brice to view them in action in real matches.

The Santa Cruz High-Performance Tennis Academy is located at the Cabrillo College tennis courts in Aptos, California, 5 miles south of Santa Cruz just off Highway 1. View map.

Personalized programs

Brice works with students and parents who are serious in about succeeding at tournaments and earning an athletic scholarship to play at the college level. He tailors programs according to a player's personal goals, combining tennis instruction with fitness, cross training (including swimming and running), nutrition, personal coaching, organization of training and tournament schedule, and attending tournaments with players.

Players decide how far they want to go with their tennis. Brice will create an Academy program to help them get there.

Year-round clinic

Small-group clinics — which feature hands-on, direct instruction — meet after school in sessions that run 2 hours. Exact start times vary throughout the school year (September through May), but the clinic usually starts at 3:30 or 4 p.m. every day. Clinic benefits include:

  • Small groups with individualized coaching. Brice is watching, coaching, and demonstrating all the time.
  • Up to eight courts, so players are constantly hitting balls and playing practice matches. The Academy never has players standing in long lines waiting to hit balls.
  • Two ball machines that allow Brice to view a player’s strokes up close and provide direct, immediate feedback.
  • Lots of practice matches with top high school and college players.
  • Video analysis to break down and improve ground strokes, volleys, and serves.
  • Lots of conditioning — players will get in shape fast!
  • Fun, supportive, and team-like atmosphere. Everyone knows that foremost, tennis should be an enjoyable sport. Competitive players should be having fun!

Special, intensive programs during the summer and other school breaks

The Academy also holds intensive programs each summer and during winter and spring school vacations. In these programs, players participate in 3-hour sessions, either in the morning or afternoon, depending on players’ summer schedules. The 3-hour sessions allow more rapid stroke improvement and the ability for players to receive direct, ongoing feedback while they play practice matches. And, yes, there’s lot of conditioning — players will be in top-notch tournament shape by the end of the summer.

Important: Since the Academy provides only small-group clinics, there are a limited number of spaces for the popular intensive programs. To learn more and sign up, contact Brice Chevalier.

Individual lessons and programs for youth players and adults

In order to work on stroke development and footwork, aspiring players should take individual lessons on an ongoing basis. Brice Chevalier, the director of the Academy, provides lessons for youth players and adults. He also puts together individualized, long-term programs for youth players, combining tennis development goals with tournament preparation, conditioning activities, and nutrition advice.

Game improvement in tennis involves much more than just doing drills and playing matches. Academy players work on all aspects of tennis, including the following:

  • Physical: Conditioning, speed, agility, strength, nutrition, flexibility, injury avoidance
  • Technical: Tracking skills, racquet skills, shot fundamentals, ball control, movement, footwork, modern shot technique, game style
  • Tactical: Consistency, placement, pattern, spins, power, shot selection, competitive situation
  • Strategic: Repetition, game style, match situation, tournament situation
  • Mental: Confidence, mental toughness, goals, sportsmanship, temperament, confidence

Connections with the local tennis community

Besides being an assistant coach at Cabrillo College, Brice coaches Aptos High players and has coached players who now play on the UC Santa Cruz Slug tennis team. Brice is an active member of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and the United States Tennis Professional Association (USTA). His connections with local high schools, colleges, and tennis clubs and associations help him provide valuable direction about maximizing local tennis resources.

How good must a player be to join the clinic?

The Academy is geared toward serious players who strive to play at the college level. That said, less experienced players, even beginners, are welcome to join the Academy — as long as players have the drive and dedication to put in the necessary practice time. For practice matches, players are paired with players of similar abilities — and often get the chance to play against stronger players.

QuickStart Tennis for
new players

The Academy welcomes younger players who want to get started in tennis in a fun, new way: USTA-recommended QuickStart tennis.

  • Specialized equipment
  • Shorter court dimensions
  • Modified, easy-to-keep scoring
  • For children 10 and under

Contact the Academy to learn more.